Monday, January 12, 2009

6 mornings well spent...

Seven days, six trips to the gym,
from last Sunday to this past Saturday.
It was cold, it snowed,
I was tired, I had things to do.
I had almost 300 pages to read
in less than a week (I lead 3 book clubs),
a house to de-Christmas,
laundry piling up, my son home from college,
a 50th birthday party to plan for my husband,
bills to pay, dishes, laundry, pets,
a full time job, meals to prepare. age 48, I also have
stage II hypertension,
early onset coronary artery disease,
high cholesterol (genetic),
a few extra pounds since this time last year
and no room for excuses.
So, after 7 days and 6 EARLY morning trips to the gym,
over 90 minutes of weight training,
more than 4 hours spent on the treadmill,
bike, stair master,
elliptical and incline trainer,
20 miles, 3127 vertical feet,
101 steps climbed later,
...2589 calories left at the gym
(not counting those burned during weight training),
and attention paid to what I fed my body,
I lost 2 pounds this week.
My heart is better for my efforts.
I'm energetic, sleeping well, my brain is clear,
and I'm ridiculously happy...
feeling mighty fine in fact.
One of my favorite quotes on fitness comes
from Olympian Mia Hamm...
"I am building a fire, and every day I train
I add more fuel. At just the right moment
I light the match."
Goal? To be the healthiest me ever.
To care for what's on the inside.
I love life. I don't want to miss a minute of it.



  1. You can't hear it, but I am applauding you.

  2. Thanks Brooke - it's amazing how we're rewarded by giving good care to ourselves. The jeans zip up just a little easier, but more important are the immeasurable mental benefits.
    Thanks for following:)!

  3. You have started off 2009 on a very good foot. I give you lots of applause because I'm still trying to convince myself to make the first big step into the fitness excuses are almost all used up and then I'll have to face the truth. Oh, that won't be much fun at all. Keep up the great work!

  4. Hey, we're all in this together. We can motivate each other, right?