Friday, January 30, 2009

Just a note to let you know...

What a tough news week. The economy, the mess with the EX-governor, tens of thousands of jobs lost in a mere 5 day span. It's mind boggling, overwhelming, just plain depressing. And to add insult to injury, we're freezing our butts off. A ray of sunshine, a spot of warmth and comfort. We all need it terribly right now, and I know just where to find it. No plane ticket required, you don't have to pack your swim suit.

I'm blessed with a job, a life as a matter of fact, that is chock full of people that amaze me. In a good way, honestly. And so many times I've thought to myself that I should express to this person or that just how much they mean to me. How happy I am that I know them, how they give me inspiration. I think a simple note, words expressed directly from the heart, could make an undeniable difference to the person on the receiving end of such an action. And then could you imagine the effect if in turn that precious soul paid it forward? Shared her feelings of gratitude for another everyday angel in her life?

Our planet is on a cosmic tilt towards the negative right now. The karma is not good. But we can change that. By saying what we need to say, words of appreciation, love, of gratitude expressed to the exceptional people in our lives. And we're all exceptional, we just need to be reminded on occasion.

I am so happy to have met you.
I really like you.
When you speak, I really listen.
You have touched my life. I wanted you to know that.
Just hearing your voice makes me smile.
What you said really made me think.
I admire you. Really.
That color looks so pretty on you.
I love your positive attitude.
I think you're wonderful.
Your friendship is a blessing.
In knowing you, I've learned so much.
When you speak, I really listen.

Spread the love. Warm a heart. Don't wait a moment longer to say what needs to be said. Let the people who make a difference in your life know it. This doesn't mean only your close friends and family. I'm referring to the people on the perimeter of your life as well. Knock someones socks off, bring a ray of sunshine by just dropping note that lets someone know that they matter in your life. Give negativity a kick in the pants by spreading positivity.

Do I sound a little preachy? Are you choking on what appears to be Hallmark card sentiment? I hope not. It's just what's in my heart this week. I'm in utter awe of the people I come in contact with on a regular basis. Blessed? Abundantly. Grateful? Words cannot express. I'll be making a stop to the post office this weekend. I have a few little notes to drop in the mail.

"What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other."
George Eliot

P.S. The little picture at the top of this post? Its a card that was given to me by someone new and special in my life. A wonderful lady who made my day with her thoughtful words. This little card is dear to me, and so is she!


  1. Ahhh..... nicely put!
    I pledge to let people know that I appreciate them!!
    Guess what???
    You're first: I appreciate your blog posts! They are so motivational :) Keep it up!!!

  2. Brooke, you're just a doll. And your smile, your sense of fun - everyone who knows you is lucky!!