Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Strong Shoulders

My post workout thoughts on the way home from the gym today went from sore shoulders to thoughts about how strong my shoulders have become. Then my brain switched gears to my kids for some reason and I thought about how those strong shoulders oftentimes carry the worries and concerns that they as young adults bear. When my children were small, their little heads required soft shoulders to rest on. Bruised knees, sleepy heads and tears brought on by an unjust world (one which didn't allow a diet consisting solely of chocolate milk in a sippy cup) were made a little more bearable by resting a head on mom's shoulder.

But as my babies grew my shoulders got stronger. Forgotten homework, being passed over for a slumber party, the drama of childhood all too soon turned into the reality of adult life. It's funny, when my mom used to tell me, "you never stop being mom" she was never more right. My shoulders have become as strong as granite. Now they bear the hopes, fears, joy and tears of my adult children. You never stop worrying that they're happy, healthy and loved. You never stop giving them that shoulder to lean on when they need it. You never stop being "mom." Think about that when you work those shoulders. They bear the weight of the world; yours and the weight of your children, as long as you live.

I've heard it said that biology is the least of what makes someone a mother. What makes a mother is giving that shoulder time after time, never ceasing. It's my purpose in life. Makes me want to work those shoulders just a little harder every time - they need to be strong for me, for my kids, as we all grow up together.



  1. Awww... this is beautiful!!! Your children are so lucky to have your shoulders.... hard or soft :) It is true that you never stop being a mom. My mom always comments that she thought her "worry factor" would go down once we were all out of the house. Nope. She still worries just as much, if not more. Now she has four little grandson's to worry about too! Great job on the work outs.

  2. You're sweet Brooke. Your kids are lucky too! I can read the love in your blog. I love your mommy stories - puts me right back in the kitchen cutting crusts off of pbj's and listening to Mr. Rogers! I'm right with your mom!