Thursday, March 5, 2009

I dare you...

to pick up this book
by haven kimmel
and put it down willingly
how did i miss this author
i have a copy of a girl named zippy on my book shelf
but this...
Iodine by Haven Kimmel
gritty, razor sharp,
edgy, a little uncomfortable
but real
i wish i could write like this
tonight it's me
this book
a bowl of buttered popcorn
crown and diet keeping ice cubes company in my glass
spring whispering that it's close at hand through my window
the house is quiet
the only sounds are the words of this book
filling my head
what would life be like
if not for the stories
we read to ourselves

p.s...if you liked Wonder When You'll Miss Me by Amanda Davis, then you're going to like this!


  1. Ok, now you have me putting down "Lovely Bones" for the hundreth time and wanting to read this book. Are you going to add it to the book club list?

  2. Don't put it down!! This book is more edgy than TLB...I don't think it would fly with some.

  3. The descriptions in Iodine were amazing. You could truly feel that you were there with the characters. I liked it very much, but an odd read. thank you for recommending. I know there are some in the group that want it, I returned it on Sunday afternoon. Peg Shulha