Monday, March 9, 2009

the road to hana...

you tell me your secrets
i trust you with mine
the sound of your laughter
chases away clouds
and allows the sun to shine
you're the best friend that i never knew
but always, forever had
it wasn't until the turn of a page
the sound of the ocean
that we finally had our sleepovers
laughing ourselves silly
me talking, you holding the wheel
who was your favorite brady girl
i learned you liked green olives on pizza
and the scary stuff too
the c-word (you), the a-word (me)
both of us learning to trust in life again
promising secrets to be kept forever
my shoulder yours
yours mine
in knowing you
i discovered
sister of my heart
without words we speak
with our hearts
a conversation
that can only be understood
soul mates
you and i

happy, happy birthday
my dear nans


  1. Awwww... you two are so cute! Your friendship is heartwarming. Happy Birthday Nancy!!!!!

  2. If this didn't make her cry, I don't know what would. I love seeing such strong friendships between two women. Happy Birthday Nancy!