Monday, March 23, 2009

wishes granted...

how i wish i could have begun my day today
writing, sharing
memories of a beautiful weekend
coloring my mind in jewel tones
how i wish i could have begun my day today
by whispering to you the joy i feel
the hope
the excitement
this being the first monday as i enter into my 50th year
with 353 days ahead to prepare for
a whole new decade in my life
how i wish you could feel too
the tickley, anxious, alive feeling
inside me as i look forward
to being, doing, saying, living
according to my own scruples
that of a childgirlwoman who is realizing wings
that remained hidden until now,
folded in wait for the day
when at last i could decipher
the song my heart has been beating
since the day my story began
how i wish you knew
how i just couldn't wait to start putting it down
here where i share
everyday miracles
with you
whose heart beats the same song
as mine
but alas, today is monday
and while i was wishing
i was also working
so i had to wait until now
to say
hello friend
happy monday

p.s. very cool photo courtesy of - neat stuff.
it made me think of all the words in my heart that i love
to put here for you. thank you and thank you some more!

1 comment:

  1. I can just feel your optimism and excitement from this post. A new year, a fresh start! Glad you are embracing it!! Happy Monday also...(although NOW it is Tuesday - close enough ;)