Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday and spring is one week away...

This morning as I write I'm enjoying a bowl of organic steel cut oats, washing it down with a big glass of OJ and feeling mighty grateful to be on the upside of being down. Wow...what a week - cold, flu, sinus infection - I was clobbered all at once! No big deal though, I'm so much better now, it was just my turn. That's all. I've been healthy all winter long, so I've nothing to pout about. Plus, thanks to the never fail "flu diet," my pants are a bit looser on the hip.

Funny thing is though, last weekend after 24 hours of misery and WAY too much time spent in the "powder room," I thought hmmm...let's see if there's at least a slim silver lining to my malaise. I stepped on my bathroom scale, glanced down and yelled (screamed actually) WTF??? (and i used the real words) That shitty, lying little hunk of metal was trying to tell me I had gained 12 pounds. Then I remembered...the Grandbeans had been futzing around with the scale during one of our countless brushyourteethwashyourhands sessions. Relieved, I laughed while adjusting the gauge, stepped back on was happy to see 4 pounds shed. Not that it matters really, but if you're going to be spilling your guts in agony it's nice to be rewarded at least a little for your efforts, right? So, that being said, it's back to feeding my body health in the form of food. Steel cut oats? Yum. I mixed in a few cloves of roasted garlic and a little carrot puree and topped it with a sprinkle of fresh Parmesan and some pine nuts. Feeding my body right just tastes good. And I've got a double batch of my home made granola in the oven. Someday I'll share that recipe with you - it's the best, hands down.

I wanted also to say just a few more words about the book that I raved about last week - Iodine by Haven Kimmel. My passion remains about this one. The writing was spot on. With phrases like, "I loved him with an ache like a hillbilly song" I couldn't help but to fall in love with this writer, her writing. But I want to be honest with you, this book isn't for every one. It's not The Lovely Bones, it's not Wonder When You'll Miss Me. This book is gritty, a cacophony of madness, pain, myth and delusion. But it's redeeming as well. Intoxicating. It's been a long while since I've read a book that I think about in the minutes after I wake in the morning. The reviews on Barnes and Noble and Amazon are mixed. In my opinion, those that gave less than favorable ratings just didn't get it. This is a book where the reader has to place trust in the author. I did, and I was entranced. And the ending. OMG the ending. It all comes together right there.

And speaking of writing, again I thank you. For reading. My writing. I take seriously what I do, what I say. I am humbled that you pay attention.

So, lucky us. For health. For books. That give us wings.

the picture? my beautiful granola sitting upon the painting that tyler and i did together
while ella napped during our visit last week.


  1. Yup - you should have invested in that haz-mat suit..... :) Although, that bug seemed like it was hard to avoid, the suit might not have even helped. Glad you are feeling better. It is good to have you "back." I am intriged by this book now.... it might have to go on my list.... the list that just keeps growing -OY :) BTW - The Thirteenth Tale is sitting on my nightstand..... what do you think so far? Oh, and that picture is darling! You have a great eye for photography. See you at BC....

  2. Now that I'm finished with TLB, I'll go back to listening to The 13th Tale, which I love. In print it may be a bit slow moving, not sure, but on audio I'm diggin it. As far as the bug goes, it's stonger than cryptonite - it would kick superman's a-double-curly-Q. See you tonight!

  3. Your making me feel guilty about what I've been eatting these days - I don't eat well when I'm not feel so well inside. So glad your feeling well because we've missed your writing. P.S. I'm dying to read this book and to make some granola.