Tuesday, March 24, 2009

when life dishes you a lemon...

go for a run. That's what I did this morning, although that wasn't my original intent. Shortly after 4 a.m. my internal alarm clock rang leaving me wide awake. Rather than lie there thinking, worrying over issues of the day, I figured I'd get up. Get productive. I thought that maybe I'd use this early extra hour to get in a little reading for book club. We're all struggling along with this month's selection - The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry. And although I can agree with my gals that this is a bugger of a read, I don't not like it. There's just something about this little book that has me intrigued.

That was the idea, but instead I chose to stir up a batch of banana oat bran muffins, pack up our breakfasts and lunches and get an early start at the gym. I climbed into the car, excited about the fact that I'd be to the gym by 6:15, turned the key in the ignition and...nothing. Stupid me. Last night before I set to prepare dinner I ran out to my car for the audio version of The Secret Scripture (which I've also been listening to - I love the reader's Irish brogue). I turned the key to eject the CD from the player, and inadvertently left the key in the "on" position resulting in a battery devoid of juice this morning. Bummer! I thought. But then, taking in a breath of fresh air I kept my promise to myself to move this morning and set out for a run.

Perfectly cool, humid air. The sound of my breathing mixing with the tunes on my iPod. All of it made for the perfect start to my day. Talk about karma!! Not getting upset, not throwing in the towel, but making good out of something that had all the potential to really piss me off set the tone for my entire day. The result of that choice made all the difference in my day.

And that takes me back to my amazing meeting with my New Earth Gals last Saturday where we discussed the miracle of having the power to make choices every second, minute, hour of each day. Our meeting had such an impact on me that I can hardly explain. I (we) have the power right in my hands to make choices that have the potential to take me down two separate roads - success or disappointment. Every second. Minute. By. Minute. You choose. I choose.

I'm not taking this lightly. I am, however, taking control of the choices I make. Conscious control. And you can bet that as I pulled into the garage this evening I made sure to shut the car off. All the way. And take the keys out of the ignition.

i choose health
i choose love
i choose to take responsibility
for the choices i make


  1. So your the one who checked out the audio of "The Secret Scripture".....I could sure have used that as I turn to page 66!

    I'm so glad that you left Saturday feeling a bit more in control of how we respond to things in our lives. It's a lesson I have to remind myself about every 30 seconds but it truly makes a big difference!

  2. ACCOUNTABILITY!!!! It is sooo important. I totally agree. Was the New Earth Gals something through the library? I am soo out of the loop ;)

  3. Wow Terri, talk about an epiphany! Dosen't the choice in every moment make you feel wonderful and in control of creating your life. Jan