Wednesday, March 11, 2009

oh, don't let's ask for the moon. we've already got the stars...

i put down my book
folded my glasses and shut out the light
covered in a tapestry of warmth
listening to the wind
i imagined it was a kite
my hand reaching
latching onto the tail
soaring, swinging wildly through the night
the clouds and the moon
coloring this nocturnal adventure
holding on with all my might
through hair pin turns
the ups and downs
sometimes scared, almost letting go
but holding fast
morning comes, and with it
sunshine, springtime
new life, fresh start
and me
richer, stronger, more sure of myself
for having held on
not knowing where the ride would take me
suddenly aware that i have wings
which allow me to fly
i just have to believe
in me
and the stars, the moon, the sky
and destinations unknown...

the title? well said from one of my very favorites, bette davis.
the picture? van gogh starry night.
the movement in this picture says what my heart feels,
also one of my very favorites.

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